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The ANISEED database: digital representation, formalisation and elucidation of a chordate developmental program.
O. Tassy, D. Dauga, F. Daian, D. Sobral F. Robin, P. Khoueiry, D. Salgado, V. Fox, D. Caillol, R. Schiappa, B. Laporte, A. Rios, G. Luxardi, T. Kusakabe, J. S. Joly, S. Darras, L. Christiaen, M. Contensin, H. Auger, C. Lamy, C. Hudson, U. Rothbächer, M. J. Gilchrist, K. W. Makabe, K. Hotta, S. Fujiwara, N. Satoh, Y. Satou and P. Lemaire.
Genome Research, in Press.

From Confocal imaging to 3D Model : A protocol for creating 3D digital replica of ascidian embryos.
François Robin, Delphine Dauga, Olivier Tassy, Daniel Sobral, Fabrice Daian and Patrick Lemaire .
Imaging in Developmental Biology, 2010 January.


Highly divergent gene expression programs can lead to similar chordate larval body plans
Daniel Sobral, Olivier Tassy and Patrick Lemaire.
Current Biology , Vol. 19 Issue 23 Pages 2014-9 (2009)


Path to a Tunicate
NETWATCH edited by Mitch Leslie
Science. Volume 313. Page 1709 (2006)

The multidimensionality of cell behaviors underlying morphogenesis: a case study in ascidians
Anna Di Gregorio, Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis.
BioEssays. Volume 28, Issue 9 , Pages 874 - 879 (2006)

A quantitative approach to the study of cell shapes and interractions during early chordate embryogenesis
Olivier Tassy, Fabrice Daian, Clare Hudson, Vincent Bertrand and Patrick Lemaire.
Current Biology , Vol. 16 Issue 4 Pages 345-358 (2006)

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