ANISEED Download Data Section

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Genomic data

Download Ciona intestinalis ESTs

Gene models
Download Aniseed V3 Gene model

Transcript models
Download JGI Gene model (version 1.0)
Download KYOTOGRAIL2005 Gene model
Download KH Gene model
Download ENSEMBL Gene model
Download MAGEST translated cDNAs for Halocynthia roretzi

ANISEED functionnal annotations of transcript models
Download annotations of JGI version 1 (18 MB)
Download annotations of KYOTOGRAIL (22.1 MB)
Download annotations of KH (29.9 MB)
Download annotations of ENSEMBL (18.2 MB)

Nucleosome occupation plots
Download nucleosome occupation plots (190.8 MB)
Anatomy data

Download Ciona intestinalis anatomical ontologies in OBO format (37 Ko)
Download Halocynthia roretzi anatomical ontologies in OBO format (34 Ko)

  Embryo collection
Download 3D embryos (obj file) and corresponding biometry data for the whole embryo collection (Ciona intestinalis, Phallusia mamillata and Boltenia villosa)
Expression data

  In Situ data
Download whole Halocynthia roretzi In Situ data in MISFISHIE compliant format(8,5 Mo)
Download whole Ciona intestinalis In Situ data in MISFISHIE compliant format (169 Mo)

Informations on the MISFISHIE format here

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