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Ascidiacea (commonly known as the ascidians or sea squirts), is a wide class in the subphylum called Tunicata (also known as Urochordata). Ascidians are present throughout all over the world's seas and oceans. These species are characterized by a tough outer "tunic" made of the polysaccharide cellulose.



Find ascidian gene models showing nucleotide or protein sequences similarity to your gene of interest

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Visualize gene models and other functional annotations in their genome context

Genome Annotations


Explore ascidian gene models, cis-regulatory sequences, and other genomic features based on their functional annotations



Explore the identity, morphology and relative position of anatomical territories of developing ascidian embryos and larvae

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Explore gene expression profiles, cis-regulatory sequence activity and the effect of perturbations in gene function



Search the ascidian literature for authors, genes, biological processes

What is 3D Virtual Embryo?

The 3D Virtual Embryo uses interactive three dimensional digital embryo reconstructions to display information from the database as well as to enter into the database quantitative descriptions of the geometry of individual embryonic territories and their interactions...



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Major database update

ANISEED now supports 6 Ascidian species: Ciona intestinalis, Ciona Savignyi, Phallusia mammilata, Halocynthia roretzi, Molgula oculata and Botryllus schlosseri. All genes are functionally annotated. The GBrowse additionally supports Phallusia fumigata, Halocynthia aurantium, Molgula occulta and Molgula occidentalis.


KH2012 Orthologs

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