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  1. Data

Aniseed Data

Genomic data

Joined Scaffold (Fasta) 32.6 MB
Joined Scaffold (GFF3) 16 kB

Coding Gene Models
KH2012 complete with NCBI gene features (GFF3) 10.9 MB
KH2012 complete with NCBI Gene Model to Best Blast Hit mapping 327.7 kB

CionaWholeGenome_sgRNA_score_primer 159.1 MB

Transcript Models
KH2012 complete with NCBI (Nucleotides Fasta) 14.8 MB
KH2012 complete with NCBI (Proteins Fasta - from Met) 5 MB

Functional Annotations
GO annotations(GAF) 16.6 MB
GOSlim annotations(GAF) 1.4 MB
GOSlim ontology 85.2 kB
InterPro annotations 2.8 MB
UniProt Blast 1.6 MB

Genes Phylogeny
Ciona robusta Orthology Trees (v11, SiLiX)

Old Transcript Models
Ensembl [Obsolete] 10.1 MB
JGI v1.0 [Obsolete] 8.7 MB
Kyoto Grail 2005 [Obsolete] 10.8 MB
KH2012 vs Ensembl (Blast) 615.2 kB
KH2012 vs JGI (Blast) 472 kB
KH2012 vs Kyoto Grail (Blast) 501.4 kB

cDNA sequences
cDNA Sequences including ESTs (fasta) 231.1 MB
ESTs <—> Genome (Exonerate GFF3) 43.6 MB
ESTs <—> KH Transcript Models (Blast) 30.6 MB

cDNA clone collections
Ciona Gateway full ORF plate coordinates 388 kB
Ciona gene collection 1 Satoh file 90.1 kB
Ciona Gene Clones Correspondence file 446.4 kB

Sequenced cDNA Libraries 956 bytes
Libraries <—> cDNA Clones 24.1 MB

Selex seq
SELEX-seq table S1-S3, Nitta et al. 2019 2.7 MB
SELEX-seq all rounds 6-mer enrichments and PWMs 32.5 MB
SELEX-seq best round 6-mer enrichments 4.5 MB
Anatomy data

Anatomical territories - Developmental stages (OBO) 57.4 kB

Biometry data
Biometry data for the whole embryo collection 66 kB
Contact Surface
Contact surface data 120.6 kB
Surface/Volume data 21.9 kB
Expression data

In situ data
ISH 1.8 MB

Regulatory Regions
Cis-regulatory modules 486 kB