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Tunicate Portal

The Tunicate Web Portal is the digital gateway to major websites and databases dealing with tunicates.

Ascidian News

Published twice a year since 1975. Includes up-to-date listings of recent publications on ascidians worldwide, and ascidian abstracts from many recent meetings.

Ascidiacea World Database

Color photos of ascidians from the Adriatic, Chile, Peru, Scandinavia, Spain, Antarctic and deep water.

The Dutch Ascidians Homepage

Photographs of ascidian species from all over the world.


Données d'observation pour la reconnaissance et l'identification de la faune et de la flore subaquatiques

CNRS - CRBM - Patrick Lemaire
Tokushima University - Kazuhiro W. Makabe
CNRS - INAF - Jean-Stéphane Joly

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